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Trans-mucosal Drug Delivery


The FFT trans-mucosal film is a drug delivery system that allows for a rapid and consistent absorption of drugs into the bloodstream.


The proprietary FFT oral trans-mucosal film is based on an approved and commercially abundant alginate polymer that has an unique capacity to deliver a wide variety of substances directly to the oral mucosal surface.  Direct contact with the oral mucosa result in an efficient and rapid uptake of a molecule in the film that is permeable to the mucosal membranes. The controlled rate of dissolution enables rapid absorption into the blood circulation without releasing excess drug into the saliva.


Delivery of drugs and other substances via trans-mucosal films offers not only a more rapid route of absorption into the circulation than oral tablets but also a more consistent delivery form than other ‘rapid’ delivery systems such as nasal sprays, sublingual sprays, oral dissolvable tablets and quick dissolving oral films.







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